FLEW-Away was known as Leucozepin (LP), a natural Fuzheng (supporting vital Qi) compound, used in a 60 day non-randomized clinical study to alleviate fatigue associated with cancer, anemia, leucopenia, HIV, MS, Lymes and other chronic disease. In 30 cases the reduction of fatigue had a significant effective rate of 93.4%.  28 out of the total 30 patients expressed their overall improved quality of life. The therapeutic effects on symptoms such as poor appetite, nausea, vomiting and insomnia were assessed with an effective rate of 92%. Other positive immune boosting  effects included; immune modulating and stimulating, leukocytogenic functions , hematopoietic, anti-bacterial and anti-cancer effects.  It also showed to restore damaged immune system  and helped in recovery from surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

References:: International Journal of Cancer, 1997 Mar17:70(6):699-705