6-Pack (Save $50!)

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The "6-Pack" is a collection of the 6 most essential supplements you need to prime your immune system.

Save $50 by buying the entire 6-pack.

The 6 supplements are:

1) Flew-Away - also known as Leucozepin, is a natural Fuzheng compound to alleviate fatigue and boost immune function.

2) Vitamin D3 - stimulates the immune system.

3) Buffered Vitamin C - raises one's immune system.

4) Vitamin A -  Make sure to take this WITH FOOD, and do not take if pregnant.

5) Zinc - has a protective anti-inflammatory effect.

6) Melatonin 

(Worth noting that Viracid barely missed the cut and is a strong #7 to have in your arsenal!  Take 1 capsule twice a day.