Poison Ivy Soap

  • NATURAL RELIEF – Made with all-natural ingredients to offer relief from the irritation, rash, and itching. The soap contains saponified animal oils, Jewelweed, and Spring Water. Keep away from eyes, not for internal use. Made in the USA.
  • HEALING PROPERTIES - Jewelweed is an herb best known for its skin healing properties. The leaves and the juice from the stem of Jewelweed are used as a treatment for poison ivy, oak and other plant induced rashes. It works by counter-reacting with the chemicals in other plants that cause the rash.
  • SAFE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY – Outdoor adventures can increase the exposure to poison ivy, poison oak, sumac, and other types of plant-induced rashes. Be prepared to help alleviate inflamed and irritated skin for the whole family including children, expectant mothers, diabetics, HIV patients, and even the elderly.
  • REMOVES THE URUSHIOL – Urushiol is an oil that seeps through the plant's stems or leaves and can stick to almost any surface it touches to cause an allergic reaction. Prevent recontamination by removing the toxin from the dermal layer by using Poison Ivy Soap.
  • STOP THE ITCH – Whether it’s the backcountry, backwoods, or backyard, nature is there with all its glory. For those unexpected plant encounters that cause irritation, you can now find relief with Poison Ivy Soap. After exposure, wash your entire body with Poison Ivy Soap. Do not use any other soap or body wash. Rinse well with water. Do not prewash.