Whole gland adrenal with the benefit of pituitary and other supporting nutrients.*

Well-functioning adrenal glands produce an array of hormones in a complex symphony that is orchestrated by two structures in the brain called the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. When stress and poor nutrition lead to altered hormone levels, an imbalance in the endocrine cycle can occur.* 

Properly supporting this natural symphony is especially important in todays hectic world.*

Healthy adrenal glands benefit the body’s natural immune response, encourage a healthy reaction to environmental stresses, and promote optimal energy production.* 

Our adrenal glands aid in maintaining healthy cortisol levels.*

Times of temporary stress can cause an overflow of cortisol, which may cause imbalances in cognitive function and fatigue normal adrenal function. By keeping our daily stress in check, we can help keep our adrenal systems in top function, which in turn aids in all bodily functions.* 

Therefore, more and more physicians are recommending a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise in the great outdoors. This helps our bodies and minds recover from daily stresses and keeps our adrenals in top form.*   

A theory pioneered by Dr. John Bastyr is that glandular therapy is based on the concept that glandular concentrates support like organs to maintain an already healthy state.* 

Dr. John Bastyr was a great modern example of a physician who used "“sweetbreads"” or whole glands therapeutically, though the history of glandular therapy has a long history in most cultures; people of the world traditionally have eaten every edible part of an animal, and only in more recent generations in American culture has this become undesirable. Other cultures that have used this form of medicine include the European model, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayuverdic medicine, Inuit nations, and African tribes. A 16th-century natural physician, Paracelsus, is quoted as saying "The heart heals the heart and the spleen heals the spleen, like cures like."1*

Do you know where your glandulars are coming from? Do they contain antibiotics, hormones, pesticides or heavy metals? 

If they are from anywhere other than Denmark, the answer is probably yes. We source all glands (with the exception of thyroid) from Denmark. This is the only country that has been antibiotic and growth-hormone free for all bovine and porcine glands since 1998.* 

This means that the glands in our products are pure, untreated, and retain the best balance of naturally occurring hormones available.* 

When necessary due to supply shortage, unavailability and other factors present in sourcing ingredients from around the world, we utilize our rigorous testing methodology to procure ingredients that meet the highest standards of purity. An example of this is our thyroid supplements. We currently source our thyroid from New Zealand.*

Not all glandular sources are equal. That is why we go to great lengths to procure the finest glands available. Sources like Denmark with one of the most robust quality control systems in the world and pristine places like New Zealand and Argentina. Both renowned for their impeccable quality in glandular products.*

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